Northwest Assistance Ministries: Giving Tuesday 2019

Social media campaign that I created the graphics concept for and curated content. Most photos featured are my own original photography.  This social media campaign raised $12,490 in a single day on Facebook.. 

Volunteer Work: Forming Lives Foundation & CARE

Content I photographed, conducted policy research for, and created graphics in role of Social Media Consultant Volunteer for Forming Lives Foundation & CARE Action Digital Ambassador.
Forming Lives Foundation Giving Tuesday Now

Graphic part as part of Giving Tuesday Now for 2020 Covid response to help those impacted

Care Con 2018

Prepping for Capitol Hill visits. Advocating for international aid, #IVAWA, and women's health and economic empowerment in the world's most impoveroshed nations. .

Forming Lives Foundation - Giving Tuesday 2019

Image apart of the 2019 Giving Tuesday Now campaign that raised approximately $1300 in a single day. Campaign included 8 social media graphics and 4 eblasts to supporters.

FLF 2019 Giving Tuesday

Image apart of the 2019 Giving Tuesday Now campaign that raised approximately $1300 in a single day. Campaign included 8 social media graphics and 4 eblasts to supporters.

VAWA 2018

What does #vawa support? Programs to train police to handle #domesticabuse and #domesticviolence, funding for organizations to fight human trafficking - including funding for survivors support services - programs to address #genderbasedviolence through government and ngo agencies - just to name a few. If #VAWA is not reauthorized, we will lose a pillar of policy support to address #violenceagainstwomen. CALL your representative and tell them to reauthorize #VAWA! Empowered women empower women.

Forming Lives Foundation Giving Tuesday Now

One of 6 Graphics for Forming Lives Foundation Giving Tuesday Now 2020

This Is Not Working

Is the #timesup movement for American women only? The @ilo_org International Labour Organization is pushing to extend this movement to #womeneverywhere. Petitions are sometimes the first step in telling our lawmakers what policy change matters most. Sign the petition . Link in bio. .

FashRev Course Quotes and Stat

Why are you participating in #slowfashionseason 's challange ? Not feeding into the profits of the #fastfashion industry is one of my reasons. What's your reason? If you havent already, join me and 10000+ more in not purchasing anything new for 3 months. To learn more about the ethical and sustainable practices of your purchasing power, take @futurelearn 's and @fash_rev 's "Fashion's Future" course to supplement your Slow Fashion Journey #mysfsjourney

World Refugee Day

What are refugees fleeing from? Violence. War. Oppression. They are not too different from the immigrants that built this country. The immigrants at our borders whose families are being ripped apart - many of them are asylum seekers, a kind of refugee also fleeing from violence at a different level. Use your voice to demand of our elected lawmakers - who depend on our votes - that America is great because we care. That humanitarian mercy is what makes this country exceptional. And that you care

WEEE Act 2019

Hey feminists and decent human beings of the world: can you stand up for #womeneverywhere? Call your Senator today and ask them to support the #WEEEAct - a bipartisan measure to invest in women. Empowering women economically allows them to pull themselves out of the cycle of poverty that makes them vulnerable to #humantrafficking, #genderbasedviolence. With an investment in education and training, women in developing nations can have access to credit, loan systems, invest in their family's heal

Ni Una Mas

#feministfriday , inspired by @michpking : Susana Chavez Castillo used her artistry as a poet to bring attention to the murdered women of Juarez; over 370 murdered, with few convictions. She invented the term "Ni una más", not one more - a rallying cry for women who rose up against this #genderbasedviolence. She was found brutally murdered in Juarez, in retaliation for her outspokenness for las mujeres de Juarez. Some of her poems are on the website,

Northwest Assistance Ministries 

Graphics created to promote NAM's mission and awareness of their multiservice agency programs., ensuring that NAM's branding and image are consistent across social media platforms. All images use my original photography. Some graphics also utilized as flyers for  promotion of programs to current and potential clients, and translated into Spanish.  
2020 COVID Press Coverage (3)
November 2020 Appeal
COVID Appeal - March
August Appeal NAM
2020 COVID Press Coverage (1)
August 2020 NAM Appeal
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Food Pantry Donation Asks 2020 (8)

United Against Human Trafficking: Story of Why

Following the directives of Development Director, I conducted the statistical research, created the concept theme, selected the facts, and chose the images to tell the broad story of human trafficking in America. 

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