Original content that I wrote, edited, and revised 

United Against Human Trafficking

Select Academic Writings

Book Analysis: Capitalism in the 21st Century

INST 4192 Independent Study

University of St. Thomas,

Center for International Studies

Communist Nihilism vs. Christian Philosophy


Final Paper

December 2014

Philosophy of Literature

Final Paper

Analysis of Leo Tolstoy's 

The Grand Inquisitor

May 2014

The Summa

Select Articles.

For duration of News Editor position, I wrote approx. 2-4 articles per newspaper issue. 

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Mexico's First Female Candidate Shares Campaign

Vol. 6, Issue 6,

March 2014


Do Global Women’s Rights Leave American Women Behind?

Vol. 5, Issue 10

March 7, 2013  

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UST Implements policies, following Presidential Mandate on Sexual Assault

Vol. 6, Issue 1.

January 22, 2014

Article Submissions
Food Aid Reform: Why it Matters
Submitted December 2013
To Every Woman Who Marched 
Submitted January 2018