• Stephanie Hernandez

2018 Monthly Donor Campaign - Thank You

In September 2018, this letter was utilized to thank all donors who signed up for the September monthly donor campaign.

" [date]

Dear [donor name],

We are incredibly grateful that you have chosen to partner with us, by becoming a Sustainer United! As a Sustainer United, you have become a champion for our mission: to end human trafficking through education, awareness and outreach. Your monthly gift is even more critical, as we grow in the Houston area and seek to meet the needs of our city - both of potential victims of human trafficking, and people who want to become empowered with the knowledge of trafficking.

A vital part of our work includes our ability to identify human trafficking victims, both in the community and within institutions. Because of donors like you, our community partnerships have grown to include homeless nonprofits, Harris County Women’s Reentry’ Program and Juvenile Detention center – in addition to several more youth centers and school districts. Your support increased our ability to reach out directly to these populations; in 2018 we identified 39 victims of human trafficking. In 2017, we identified 13.

By joining Sustainers United, you are also a partner in the work we do to provide education on human trafficking: teaching children and teens on how to identify signs of a trafficking recruitment situation, training police officers to recognize trafficking victims in their line of duty, and hospitality workers the knowledge and resources to notice and report signs of trafficking in their workplaces. You are also a partner in the work we do in reaching out to those at-risk for trafficking, so that we can get them help if they are exploited and teach them on how to avoid victimization in their environments.

Because you are one of Sustainers United, you are taking an active role in the fight against human trafficking. You are one of the few in the world who is making an impactful contribution, because you believe that freedom is a right for every person, and that no one should be exploited and enslaved by human trafficking.

We cannot fight human trafficking without your monthly support. Your generosity is crucial in continuing the work we do, and we are both honored and grateful you have chosen to be one of Sustainers United – to end human trafficking!

With Gratitude, "

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