• Stephanie Hernandez

2019 Donor Thank You

Revised Donor Thank You Letter for use in the first 3 months of 2019

Dear Donor,

Thank you for your gift of $xx, on xx, 2019. Your support helps prevent teens from being trafficked, and brings freedom to those already trapped in exploitation.

I am reminded of Mya: a girl stuck in a juvenile detention center who was overlooked as a problem child. With support from donors like you, in 2018 our Real Talk program helped Mya share her story of victimization for the first time. Our staff connected her with resources, and Mya is now recognized as a survivor of human trafficking. Because of your support, Mya is receiving care and on the pathway of healing and hope.

I’m also pleased to report that last year we experienced explosive growth, and engaged with nearly 23,000 individuals. Specifically, we connected 81 victims of human trafficking to care and trained over 12,000 parents, police officers, social service providers, and others on how to recognize and stop trafficking. Additionally, 6,113 children and teens were equipped to stay safe from exploitation.

We are incredibly thankful for your partnership in the fight to end both labor and sex trafficking. Your gift will change the lives of those trapped in trafficking, and continues to help thousands more stay safe. Together, we are making a difference in our city of Houston and beyond.

Thank you for uniting with us to end human trafficking!

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